Tell Congress to pass the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act.

For decades, the Helms amendment has limited the ability of people around the world to exercise their reproductive rights. The policy prohibits the use of U.S. foreign assistance funds to provide safe abortion services, even in countries where abortion is legal. In communities that rely on U.S. foreign assistance, this can mean that access to safe abortion care is out of reach or simply nonexistent for those who need it. The Helms amendment hurts — it exacerbates health inequities and keeps people from receiving the care they want and need.

Every year, more than 35 million people around the world undergo abortions in unsafe conditions — and hundreds of thousands suffer injuries as a result. Recent data suggests that permanently repealing the Helms amendment would result in approximately 19 million fewer unsafe abortions a year. As one of the biggest donors of global health funding, the U.S. government should be alleviating, not compounding, health inequities. Congress must act now to permanently repeal the Helms amendment and support access to safe abortion care by passing the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act.

With repercussions of the recent attacks on reproductive rights here in the United States reverberating around the world, now is the time to act and ensure that sexual and reproductive health and rights are preserved everywhere. Tell your representatives to support the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act and put an end to the Helms amendment today.

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